Schedule:   First Saturday each month   4-8 PM

All concerts held at the Music Hall: 1945 Harry Byrd Hwy, Darlington SC  29502

November 2016     A Deeper Shade of Blue      Rusty Tuners

December  2016    Worth & the Boys                    Slope Valley

January    2017    Davis Bradley                        M.I. Blue

February  2017   Morris Brothers                      Willing Hearts

March       2017   Palmetto Blue                          Chicken Perlieu

April          2017   King James 1611 Boys - Pinetuckett - Trinity Bluegrass

May          2017   Lonesome Ryde                     Slope Valley                                         

June        2017   Cottonwood                           Sweet William

July          2017   Backline                                 Jimmy Stone & Southland Boys

August      2017   Grass Strings                         HighRidge Bluegrass Gospel

Sept.       2017    Morris Brothers                       Trinity Bluegrass

October  2017  Aynortowne Bluegrass        Southern Gospel Express

Nov.        2017  Southern Express                 Slope Valley

Dec.        2017   Radio Flyer Bluegrass         Rusty Tuners

Jan.        2018   Davis Bradley                       Sweet William

Feb.        2018  Flatland Express                      M. I. Blue

Mar.        2018  Palmetto Blue                          The End of the Road

April        2018  Pinetuckett                              Southern Gospel Express

May        2018 Oliver West &39 Express         Willing Hearts

June       2018  Liberty Hill                               Rusty Tuners

July        2018  Lonesome Ryde

Aug.       2018  Grass Strings

Sept.      2018  Cottonwood

Oct.       2018  Morris Brothers

Nov.       2018  Southern Express

Dec.      2018  Radio Flyer

Feb.     2019  Destination  Bluegrass